Delux Dance Studio Online

Weekly Classes


Qi Gong

Elizabeth Congo

Mon, Weds & Fri 11-11:30am

Revitalize body and mind with this traditional practice suitable for all levels.  This immune boosting thirty minute class is offered by donation.



Lola Maravilla

Mon, 7:30 am & Weds, 6pm EST

Zumba is a cardio-dance class that uses music and movement from all styles!  Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness. Lola creates all of her own choreography and uses a wide range of music.


Vinyasa Yoga

Real Remedy Health

Mon 5pm EST

Meet on the mat for a gentle flow perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a little midday restoration.


Hoop Dance

Courtney Spinz

Tues 6pm

Have fun and work up a sweat dancing and learning how to hula hoop in this fun movement class! Students will learn the basics of hula hooping, tricks, and how to get in touch with their hula hoops. Throughout each class we will be working on footwork and musicality which will help flow effortlessly through different tricks and movements. This is a fun course for all skill levels.




Beginner Tues 7:30pm EST
Advanced Thurs 7:30pm EST

Get lost in this ancient dance while working up a sweat and increasing flexibility.  Tues is perfect for all levels, Thurs is for students with at least two years of experience. 


Cardio Junkies

Real Remedy Health

Weds 5pm EST

It's a blast from the past with vintage workout vibes and heart pumping cardio- let's get physical!


Barre Fusion

Ericka-The Barre Ninja

Fri Noon EST

All the benefits of Barre with fun music and Ericka's Amazing Attitude!  Strength, flexibility, and low impact cardio.  Bands, lights weights & sliders recommended. 

Monday 7:30am:

Weds 6pm:

Beginner Tues 7:30pm:

Advanced Thurs 7:30pm:

Private Lessons



Sheba Queen of the Night

Private Lessons and Workshops on sexy, sultry, racy and fun moves!  No experience necessary




Coaching, Choreography, props, or just a little extra help!