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Rhythmic Enterprises presents: Flowing & Glowing Fusion Workshop with Anadonis

Experience fun, fabulous, and fit in a ninety minute interactive workshop featuring fusion style belly dance with Anadonis Nephilim! We will be covering basic belly dance ergonomics, a variety of foundational movements from around the world that are hallmarks of the American Fusion stylization and integrating them into a stellar choreography. Level of this workshop is beginner to intermediate. Our song will be Adir Adieum by the famous Balkan Beat Box! 

Workshop overview: 

  • Participant & instructor introductions

  • Warm up and stretching

  • Overview of cultural dance origins, terminology, and proper ergonomics 

  • Demonstration and application of movement vocabulary

  • Choreography breakdown

  • Cumulation of techniques into full choreography performance

  • Cool down / check in

Participants are encouraged to:

  • Bring a hip sash or coin belt

  • Stay hydrated and bring a water bottle / vitamin water

  • Have a hand towel for sweat

  • Wear comfortable clothing they can move around and sweat in


Please note: If you have any medical conditions, mobile limitations or surgeries, please let the instructor know so alternatives can be provided.

Cost: $40


About Anadonis: 

A dancer with an eclectic background and skill set, Anadonis has been studying belly dancing for 16+ years, performing for 10+ years, teaching for 3+, and continues to fortify her education and skill sets regularly. She currently resides in central NJ, and loves artistic collaborations, cats, root work, books, and DJ streaming (including for her Rhythm Tides events).